Off the Plan.

Off the Plan Property

One way of buying a new home or apartment is to buy of the plan. This is where you sign a contract to buy the property prior to the construction being completed. Usually three are 3 stages you can invest, during the planning stages, when a property is being demolished for new development and lastly when the construction is partially complete.

Investors and homeowners are attracted to off the plan purchases because of the financial benefits involved. Many times, there are considerable tax savings to be had and are usually coupled with a discounted market value price to draw in buyers.

As a result, investors can achieve strong capital growth in a relatively short period of time. Investors also have the ability to even re sell their purchase prior to completion. Small deposits and staged payments make it an attractive investment.

It is also important that buyers understand all risks involved in buying of the plan, however our professional agents can guide you through this maze to make sure you invest in off the plan property that makes sense but also reduces risk and keeps you protected.