Sri Lanka Luxury Property

Finding Hidden Treasures.

Sri Lanka Luxury Property – Finding Hidden Treasures.

March 3, 2020

Real estate buyers now have tremendous opportunity to buy property in Sri Lanka. There are many homes for sale in Sri Lanka that don’t quite have the “curb appeal” that other houses in the area perhaps do. Your curb appeal happens to be one of the most important things and greatly affects the sale price of a house.

If there is no curb appeal, sellers can expect to receive reduced price, thus saving you money as you can offer them less. We are not suggesting going out and buying a run-down house, but there are plenty of properties where you could do its curbside appeal up with a small amount of money and effort.

This kind of strategy is great as you can add thousands to the value of your luxury homes in Sri Lanka. Looking for a house that has less curb appeal could mean you could afford a slightly more expensive house than you otherwise would have and allow you to gain instant equity in your own home.

Another old trick is to look for those luxury houses for sale in Sri Lanka that need painting, perhaps even inside and out. Painting a house is relatively cheap and can transform a tired looking place into the 21st century very quickly and add tens of thousands in value to your home.

You may have noticed yourself looking for other luxury houses for sale in Colombo and thought how desperately they needed a simple coat of paint. It’s very common and many times the house is not as desirable to other buyers because they don’t have the skill sets or no how to do it. This presents a great buying opportunity for those prepared to invest a little time and money.

While out searching for the best property for sale in Sri Lanka, do keep a lookout for a messy yard. Again, it’s first impressions that are not good. If the yard is overgrown with bushes and trees, or the gardens are not manicured and have various items of trash laying around, it will be less appealing to many buyers also.

Yard work is very inexpensive and a couple days work could make all the difference to any home or top luxury beach villas in Sri Lanka, not to mention it can add a lot of instant equity to your property. Re-carpeting can also be a relatively inexpensive significant improvement to your home. The same applies for many luxury apartments in Sri Lanka who with a coat of paint can be transformed even quicker.

While the items above we have mentioned are more “cosmetic” and not requiting structural changes, there are some things that require a total remodel that we would not suggest. These include Plumbing, electrical, windows, foundations, chimneys, roofs or floors (besides carpet). Should you go to do any of these, always get an inspection done to make sure what you are doing is safe.

If you want to find the best homes for sale in Sri Lanka, try and look a little differently at things when viewing properties as with a little bit of hard work, you can achieve amazing returns in equity on your new little hidden treasure.



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