Sri Lanka Luxury Property

Making Your Home Sellable.

Sri Lanka Luxury Property – Making Your Home Sellable.

March 3, 2020

Now that you have made the decision to sell your luxury house or apartment via your agent is going to start to bring potential buyers to your home to show them your best property for sale in Sri Lanka.

Here are a few tips on how to present it the best.

Probably the number one thing we recommend is to clean out your clutter. You want to make this as appealing to people as possible. They don’t want to see your dirty dishes or piles of laundry.

Clutter can be in many forms and also includes furniture. People want to be able to see the house and not have it hidden behind masses of your prized items or junk. Take time to clear all this out immediately.

Too much of your clutter will scream way too much of your personality which is not what the buyer is wanting to see. Nor does this place a buyer in the buying mode. If someone is out there and wants to buy a luxury villa in Sri Lanka, they expect just that and not to walk into someone else’s junk rooms.

Same goes for apartments, you can have the best luxury apartment in Sri Lanka but if it isn’t presented well you are not going to sell it easily, nor get top dollar for it. You have lots of competition and there are many luxury houses for sale in Colombo and also lots of homes for sale in Sri Lanka. You need to be on your “A” game here to get that sale you seek.

Buyers want to imagine themselves in the room they are standing in, it’s what motivates them into buying. If they are standing in your clutter, it’s not allowing them to create this mindset of any luxury home in Sri Lanka let alone yours. Buyers need to visualize them living in your luxurious property.

Many sellers choose to box up any excess items around the house or remove some furniture and place it in storage to give their property a more spacious feeling. Rather than store it all in a spare room in the house, remove it completely and use a professional storage company if you have nowhere else.

It’s also a good time to take a close look to see if anything around the house needs fixing. Even in those top luxury beach villas in Sri Lanka, most buyers will open and close closet doors and cupboards. If squeaky or tight, try adjusting them prior to inspections. You want to give the best first impression you possibly can.

While we don’t recommend any major renovations, a new fresh coat of paint is a relatively cheap thing to do and can quickly add value to a house as it brightens it up and makes it much more appealing.

Do not just consider the inside either, as curb appeal is equally as important. Always stick to neutral tones as its much safer. White or off white are always safe bets as they will give the appearance of a brighter house. You can always then add a splash of color is you wish.

There are many luxury houses for sale in Sri Lanka so you need to make yours as appealing as possible.

When showing your home, make sure you leave all lights on to give it the appearance of being bright. Make sure all curtains are open so it has a welcoming feeling when buyers are arriving. Ensure there is no dusty surfaces.

Smell is also a very important factor and impacts on buyers first impressions. Make sure you do a solid deep clean especially if you have pets. Air the house out for an hour or so prior to inspection times. Perhaps even install a couple nice air fresheners but nothing that will be too overwhelming.

There are a few tips to make sure your house is on top of the list when someone is buying a property in Sri Lanka, looking for villas for sale in Sri Lanka or just looking for the best homes for sale in Sri Lanka.



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